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A Tiger Hunter Combo for a Smith and Wesson!

This was a custom order for one of my Tiger Hunter hunting belt combinations. This build features my 2 inch wide polymer reinforced belt with the “gunfighter” stitch and custom genuine shark skin trim. The holster features a thumb break and again carries the shark theme. As with all these combos I custom tooled 4 belt keepers. At the clients request I built two speed loader pouches and a custom 6 shell 12 gauge shotgun shell carrier.

Thanks for taking the time to look I do deeply appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you with your custom ideas!

Tiger Hunter Combo for a 5 inch M&P
2 inch wide belt with custom stitching and shark skin trim
The “gunfighter” stitch
Shark Skin Trim!
A bit more shark!
Speed-Loader Pouches with shark trim!
Custom Tooled belt keepers
5 inch Smith and Wesson Revolver with thumb-break and shark trim
6 shell 12 gauge shell holder with shark trim