A Stock Cover for a Ruger Number 1 in 458 Winchester Magnum!

My version of the classic stock cover. These will come standard with an offside cartridge holder, grommeted holes to prevent stretching and tearing out over time and the inside will have a non slip leather liner that covers the grommets to help protect your stocks finish.

I can do these in numerous color variations and add hand carving and stamping. I will also be offering these with exotic skin. If you have an idea please let me know, and I’ll see what we can do to make it a reality!

Thanks, Eric Kelley

Light brown with natural stitching for a Ruger Number 1 in 458 Winchester magnum!
Grommeted holes for durability and many years of use!
Non slip leather liner that covers the grommets and protects your stocks finish!

A Tiger Sling for a Ruger Number 1 in 458 Winchester!

My thumb-hole rifle sling in light brown with natural stitching in the ”Gunfighter” pattern. All my slings will include the thumb-hole as it make it much easier to keep the gun on your shoulder. I’ve included some in use pics to give you an idea of how it works. These slings will all come lined on the back side with a non slip leather liner. They are 44 inches long and all of the adjustment holes will include brass grommets to prevent the holes from tearing out over time. I will be offering these in exotic skin versions as well as hand stamped and carved. If you have an idea for a one of a kind sling send me a message and we can get started on the design process!

Thanks, Eric Kelley

Tiger Sling in light brown with natural ”Gunfighter” stitching!
Non slip leather liner on the backside

Front view thumb-hole in use

Side view thumb-hole in use!

Black Elephant for a Colt 1911!

Here we have an example of my Thumb-Break Tiger. This was done with full frontal genuine legally imported black elephant. All of my exotic skin holsters do include a smooth leather lining to help protect the guns finish. This order included an optional spare mag carrier! If you have an interest in an exotic skin rig for your favorite handgun contact us today!

Black Elephant with spare mag pouch for a 5 inch colt 1911

The Tiger Hunter!-Hunting Belt Combination.

A close friend of mine was going on a wild boar hunt, he was also a huge fan of the movie Public Enemies, and loves BIG BORE guns! He asked if I could make him a rig similar to the one worn by Christian Bale in the opening scene of the movie as he chases the bad guy thru the orchard. Thus was born our Tiger Hunter Combo Rig.

The combo pictured below is in our light brown color with natural stitching. It includes the holster, two cartridge slides, 4 belt keepers, and our two inch wide double layer polymer reinforced gunbelt with ”gunfighter” style stitching.

I can build this rig for numerous guns and also with speed-loader or mag pouches if you prefer. Numerous color, stamping and hand carving options will be available as well as exotic skin trim!

Have a look at the pictures below and the gallery and let me know your ideas!

Brown with natural stitching Ruger Alaskan and 458 win Mag rifle slide.
Ruger Alaskan holster cross draw with a thumb-break
Cartridge Slide for 458 Winchester Magnum
6 rounds of 454 Casul!
4 belt keepers for attaching the Tiger Hunter combo to your regular pants belt.
2 inch wide “Ranger” style belt. Double layer construction with a polymer reinforcement
Classic “Gunfighter” stitching pattern

Tiger Claws-Custom Knife Sheaths

I like doing knife sheaths since I think we are living in a time where some amazing makers are working! These are a little trickier than holsters however as I need the knife in my hands to ensure proper fit. Below is an example for a maker local to me. It features a custom deer skull stamp along with our rope style basketweave stamping. If you interested in one of these have a look at our Tiger Claw gallery and contact us to discuss your custom idea!

Custom Tiger Claw knife sheath with deer skull and basketweave stamping

Black Elephant For a 1911

I think it’s only appropriate to start the new blog off with my favorite design, and in this case my personal rig!.

This is my Hanging Tiger shoulder holster for a 5 inch 1911. As with all my shoulder holsters this one features an offside dual mag pouch designed to carry the spare ammo horizontally. It features all metal hardware and the adjustment holes have had brass grommets installed to prevent the holes from tearing out over time. What makes this one unique is the full coverage genuine elephant hide along with the interior being dyed blue, and for a finishing touch blue stitching was used throughout the rig. Have a look at our Hanging Tiger gallery and if you see something that piques your interest send us a message or feel free to call!

Thanks For Looking!

Black Elephant with blue stitching for a 5 inch 1911!

Black Elephant shoulder holster
2 inch wide straps

Holster backpiece

Dual Mag Pouch

Custom Order Update

Good Evening, as of today November 3rd 2022 I have one order to complete which should be done by Monday November 7th, 2022 On Monday I’ll open the books up for one more order! Be sure and subscribe to the blog to get the latest updates!