The Tiger Sling

   Our Tiger Sling rifle sling will carry your favorite hunting smoke pole in style! Measuring approximately 44 inches long and 3 inches at the widest point, it includes a thumb hole to keep it stable on your shoulder while traversing the roughest terrain on the way to your deer stand. 

   Our slings are lined with a non-slip back and are not padded as over the years I have found most padded slings  too bulky.  The padding doesn’t really add much in the way of comfort. The sling is adjustable for length and all the adjustment holes have brass grommets added to prevent the holes ripping out over time and use. We do recommend 1.50 inch sling swivels for the best fit. 

In addition to our stock slings listed in the store we will be taking custom orders. We can add brands, initials, exotics and custom carvings. If you have an idea for a one-off design please contact us with your ideas!

Thumb Hole in use front view
Side View
Brown with natural gunfighter stitching

Sling lining back side black non slip leather
Full coverage Genuine black elephant
Retail of the grain!
Thumbhole with blue stitching
Jade and Black Trucker Girl
Trucker Girl Basketweave Stamping
Thumbhole with border stitching
Black and blue with Texas basket stamping and Initials

Custom basket stamp and initials
Custom Texas Basketweave pattern!

Thumbhole with blue stitching
Black with custom Texas basket weave
Black with custom Texas Basket stamping
Black with thumb hole and Texas basket stamping
Turquoise and Black with owners initials and Texas Basketweave
Owners initials and Texas stamping
Closeup of the Texas Theme
Tiger-Sling in Genuine Nicotine Elephant with standard Thumbhole
Closeup of the Thumb-holes for some extra stability while carrying
Closeup of the grain in this elephant

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