The Tiger Hunter-Hunting Belt Combo

The Tiger Hunter Combo

        I started building these at the request of a close friend and it has become one of my more popular designs. The combo consists of a holster, spare ammo carriers for the handgun and rifle, 4 belt keepers and a 2 inch wide double layer polymer reinforced belt. As with all of my designs this is available with numerous options.

    The holster is a single loop design and can be had in strait draw, 20 degree muzzle to the rear carry or even cross draw. I have included a thumb-break on this design as these rigs are used primarily in the outdoors where rough terrain is expected.

    The Rifle cartridge slide is designed to hold the end users requested number of rounds and can be had in just about any caliber requested.

    Spare ammunition carriers for the handgun can be had in several configurations. Single or dual mag holders, single or dual speed loader pouches, or a simple cartridge slide holding any number of rounds.

    The combo comes with 4 belt keepers standard allowing the belt to be attached to the wearers standard pants belt locking it in place.

    The belt is 2 inches wide, made from two layers of leather with a polymer stiffener placed in between for extra rigidity. 

Tiger Hunter for a 5 inch Smith and Wesson M&P
2 inch wide belt with custom shark trim
Custom Gunfighter stick pattern on belt.
Shark Skin Billet
Shark Billets
Double Speed-Loader Pouches
Tooled Belt Keepers
Thumb-Break Holster with custom shark trim
6 shell 12 gauge shotgun shell carrier

Brown with natural stitching Ruger Alaskan and 458 win Mag rifle slide.
Ruger Alaskan holster cross draw with a thumb-break
Cartridge Slide for 458 Winchester Magnum
Cartridge Slide for 6 rounds of 454 Casul!
4 belt keepers for attaching the Tiger Hunter combo to your regular pants belt.
2 inch wide “Ranger” style belt. Double layer construction with a polymer reinforcement
Classic “Gunfighter” stitching pattern