Hanging Tiger Shoulder Holster

Hanging Tiger-Horizontal Shoulder Holster

This is my signature piece, and the one I am most proud of! 

These rigs can be adjusted to hold the firearm either horizontal or with a slightly muzzle up angle. The straps are 2 inches wide where they go over your shoulders helping to evenly distribute the weight for all day comfort. All of these systems come standard with an offside pouch holding two reloads. The harness is fully adjustable to allow for just about every body style, and the entire system is made with all metal hardware, the adjustment holes use brass grommets to prevent the holes tearing out over time.

These can be made in exotic skins or with hand carved or stamped designs. Thanks for looking!

Genuine Black Elephant with blue stitching for a 5 inch no rail 1911
Black with custom cross and flag stamp
Black with custom Stamping
Brown with custom Texas stamp

Genuine Brown Shark with black stitching for a Springfield XD
Genuine Brown Shark with black stitching for a no rail 5 inch 1911

Genuine Rust Elephant and matching knife sheath for a custom Jason Spurgeon knife and 5 inch 1911
Genuine Brown Shark LEFT HAND for a Sig Sauer P365
Blue and Black Caiman LEFT HAND for a Commander length 1911
Black Gator for a Sig Sauer P220
Brown Shark for a 5 inch 1911

Black Elephant for a Wilson Combat SFX 9
Holster Module cut for a Trijicon RMR
2 inch wide straps with a Wilson COmbat grip medallion inset
Genuine Elephant Back-Piece with grommets installed to prevent tearing out
Double stack mag pouch
Genuine Nicotine Elephant for a railed 5 inch 1911
Shoulder Holster with a thumb break
Full coverage 2 inch wide shoulder straps with ass steel hardware and brass grommets
Back piece with swivel adjusting shoulder straps
Dual mag pouch standard on all of my shoulder holsters
Shoulder Holster for a Wilson Combat SFX9 3.5 inch barrel