Adventure Tiger-Chest Holster

    My chest holster is designed to be worn centered on the chest. The holster is designed with a thumb break for security and to allow the gun to be drawn with one hand. The harness has multiple adjustment holes so the rig can be worn under or over heavy clothing. All of the holes have brass grommets to prevent the screws from tearing out over the years. I include as standard either a spare mag pouch or cartridge loops depending on what firearm is to be carried. 

    I can build these in numerous options including exotic skins, multiple leather colors and with several different hand carving and stamping options. Contact me with your ideas and I will do my best to make it happen!

6 inch 1911 Cognac Elephant
Detail Shote 6 inch 1911 Adventure Tiger Cognac Elephant

Adventure tiger chest holster black elephant for a Smith and Wesson Backpack Companion 460
Black elephant chest holster smith and Wesson 460
grommeted harness and back piece smith and Wesson 460 chest holster
5 shell spare ammo carrier adventure tiger chest holster smith and Wesson 460