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A Tiger Hunter Combo for a Smith and Wesson!

This was a custom order for one of my Tiger Hunter hunting belt combinations. This build features my 2 inch wide polymer reinforced belt with the “gunfighter” stitch and custom genuine shark skin trim. The holster features a thumb break and again carries the shark theme. As with all these combos I custom tooled 4 belt keepers. At the clients request I built two speed loader pouches and a custom 6 shell 12 gauge shotgun shell carrier.

Thanks for taking the time to look I do deeply appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you with your custom ideas!

Tiger Hunter Combo for a 5 inch M&P
2 inch wide belt with custom stitching and shark skin trim
The “gunfighter” stitch
Shark Skin Trim!
A bit more shark!
Speed-Loader Pouches with shark trim!
Custom Tooled belt keepers
5 inch Smith and Wesson Revolver with thumb-break and shark trim
6 shell 12 gauge shell holder with shark trim

The Tiger Hunter!-Hunting Belt Combination.

A close friend of mine was going on a wild boar hunt, he was also a huge fan of the movie Public Enemies, and loves BIG BORE guns! He asked if I could make him a rig similar to the one worn by Christian Bale in the opening scene of the movie as he chases the bad guy thru the orchard. Thus was born our Tiger Hunter Combo Rig.

The combo pictured below is in our light brown color with natural stitching. It includes the holster, two cartridge slides, 4 belt keepers, and our two inch wide double layer polymer reinforced gunbelt with ”gunfighter” style stitching.

I can build this rig for numerous guns and also with speed-loader or mag pouches if you prefer. Numerous color, stamping and hand carving options will be available as well as exotic skin trim!

Have a look at the pictures below and the gallery and let me know your ideas!

Brown with natural stitching Ruger Alaskan and 458 win Mag rifle slide.
Ruger Alaskan holster cross draw with a thumb-break
Cartridge Slide for 458 Winchester Magnum
6 rounds of 454 Casul!
4 belt keepers for attaching the Tiger Hunter combo to your regular pants belt.
2 inch wide “Ranger” style belt. Double layer construction with a polymer reinforcement
Classic “Gunfighter” stitching pattern