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Adventure Tiger-Chest Holster in Black Elephant

My chest holster is designed to be worn across the chest and works well in hunting and hiking applications. These are built with a fully adjustable harness that has brass grommets in all the holes for a lifetime of durability. I use all steel hardware for the buckles and D rings. The holster itself has a standard thumb break to allow one hand drawing and the come with either a spare magazine holder or cartridge loops standard.

These can be built from numerous exotic hides, in my standard leather colors, and with unending hand stamping and carving options. Let me know your ideas and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

The below example was built with full coverage black elephant for a Smith and Wesson Backpacker Companion in 460!

Adventure tiger chest holster black elephant for a Smith and Wesson Backpack Companion 460
Black elephant chest holster smith and Wesson 460
grommeted harness and back piece smith and Wesson 460 chest holster
5 shell spare ammo carrier adventure tiger chest holster smith and Wesson 460