Care and Feeding of Your Leather!

Care and Feeding of your White Tiger Leather

    Thank you for your purchase, it is deeply appreciated!. We never recommend using any type of oil on your purchase as it can cause softening of the leather and stretching. 

    If you have purchased a leather holster from me the break in procedure is simple. Wrap your firearm with waxed paper with the waxy side out and insert your gun for 24 hours. After this is complete the holster should be almost ready, all you need to do is put it on and complete a few draws with your UNLOADED firearm and you should be all set. 

    To clean your new item, we recommend a damp cloth to remove the surface dirt, followed by an application of saddle soap.

    If you have purchased one of our shoulder holsters we have found the best way to adjust it is with the EMPTY gun and magazines inserted. Put the rig on and adjust it to your liking. When you think it is positioned correctly go ahead and carry it for a day or two. Once you are satisfied we recommend lock-tite on the screws to keep them from loosening over time. Remember to periodically check all the screws and re-apply the thread locker as necessary.

    For the Tiger Belts, secure the buckle with two Chicago screws.  If you ordered it with our standard roller buckle, it will already have the screws secured with thread locker. If you are supplying your own buckle we do recommend applying thread locker at this time.