About Me!

About Me

 My name is Eric Kelley and I am the owner of White Tiger Leatherworks . After twenty years in Law Enforcement I needed a change and this business is the result! I always enjoyed teaching firearms related classes and wanted to continue that hence the training component of thebusiness. I have an artistic side and while a cop I ran a very successful wedding photography business. In my spare time I developed a body of work suitable for fine art sales and that artwork can be viewed on this website. In the same artistic vein, I love building holsters that can be both useful and shown off, so I will be continuing that on a limited basis. 

 This blog is going to be eclectic I’ll be posting my artwork, holsters and hopefully writing some firearm related articles for your enjoyment! 

 Stay tuned as we start this journey together, and as always, thanks for the support!

Eric Kelley


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