Black Elephant For a 1911

I think it’s only appropriate to start the new blog off with my favorite design, and in this case my personal rig!.

This is my Hanging Tiger shoulder holster for a 5 inch 1911. As with all my shoulder holsters this one features an offside dual mag pouch designed to carry the spare ammo horizontally. It features all metal hardware and the adjustment holes have had brass grommets installed to prevent the holes from tearing out over time. What makes this one unique is the full coverage genuine elephant hide along with the interior being dyed blue, and for a finishing touch blue stitching was used throughout the rig. Have a look at our Hanging Tiger gallery and if you see something that piques your interest send us a message or feel free to call!

Thanks For Looking!

Black Elephant with blue stitching for a 5 inch 1911!

Black Elephant shoulder holster
2 inch wide straps

Holster backpiece

Dual Mag Pouch