Elephant Shoulder Holster for a WIlson Combat SFX 9

Shoulder Holsters have always kinda been my signature pieces and here we have one for a Wilson Combat SFX 9 3.5 inch. This time I built the rig to accommodate a Trijicon SRO red dot site.

The holster is built with a smooth lining to protect the guns finish and speed the draw. The mag pouch was built to hold double stack mags and was made to hold full-size mags for a little extra piece of mind.

The fully adjustable harness has all metal hardware as do the other two pieces. All of the adjustment holes have brass grommets installed to prevent the holes tearing out.

For a final touch the client sent me a set of Wilson Combat grip medallions which were sewn onto the shoulder straps for a bit of bling!

The entire rig is finished in Genuine Legally Imported Black Elephant adding some real class to the build. I can build these for numerous guns and with several different options, send me your ideas anytime and we can design your rig!

Genuine Black Elephant for a Wilson Combat SFX 9
Optic Cut Holster module for a Trijicon SRO
2 inch wide shoulder straps with Wilson Combat grip medallions inset
Wilson Combat Medallions on Elephant
The back piece with brass grommets installed for long life
Double Stack Mag pouch for offside balance!

A Custom Sling!-Rifle Sling

This was another custom Tiger Sling that was made for Christmas! This one featured Turquoise and black dye. For a special added touch I stamped the owners initials. As with all of my slings this one features a thumb hole. The adjustment holes have brass grommets to keep the holes from tearing out over time and use. As a finishing touch it is lined with a non slip leather backing.

I can build these with numerous stamping, color, thread color, and even exotic skins! Let me know your thoughts and we can get started on yours today!

Turquoise and black rifle sling with Texas Stamp and thumb hole
Owners initials and custom Texas Basketweave stamping
Closeup of the two tone dye!

Black Texas Tiger Sling-Leather Rifle Sling

One of my Tiger Slings with a Texas Basketweave! The sling is 42 inches long, and has a thumb hole. This one is lined with a non slip leather backing. The adjustment holes have metal grommets installed to prevent tearing out over time.

This one is available in the store for immediate delivery.

I can build these in numerous variations please let me know what you have in mind!

Thanks For Looking,


Black with custom Texas basket weave
Custom Texas Basketweave
Texas Basketweave with thumbhole.

Black Elephant! 1911 Holster

My Thumb-Break Tiger has been a great seller for me lately and here is another example in Genuine Black Elephant. This set was a custom order and is obviously left handed! The client asked for a dual offside pouch to carry his favorite light and a spare mag. As with all my exotic holsters this one was built with a smooth leather interior to help protect the guns finish. The belt loops are sized to fit even the thickest gun belts.

I have plenty of Elephant in stock and would love to discuss your ideas at anytime!

Genuine Black Elephant Thumb-Break Tiger with matching light and mag pouch in Left Hand!

A Custom Tiger Sling! Hand Tooled Rifle Sling.

One of my Tiger Slings, this one customized with the clients initials and custom Texas basketweave pattern. This one is our standard 44 inches long and was done in blue with a black overlay and blue stitching. I could do this in about any color and the basketweave pattern can be done in several different variations. As with all my slings the thumbhole is standard and the back of the sling is lined in non-slip leather.

Let me know your custom ideas and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Thanks, Eric

Tiger Rifle Sling in blue with black overlay
Custom initials and Texas Basketweave
Texas Basketweave
Thumbhole with blue stitching

A Tiger Hunter Combo for a Smith and Wesson!

This was a custom order for one of my Tiger Hunter hunting belt combinations. This build features my 2 inch wide polymer reinforced belt with the “gunfighter” stitch and custom genuine shark skin trim. The holster features a thumb break and again carries the shark theme. As with all these combos I custom tooled 4 belt keepers. At the clients request I built two speed loader pouches and a custom 6 shell 12 gauge shotgun shell carrier.

Thanks for taking the time to look I do deeply appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you with your custom ideas!

Tiger Hunter Combo for a 5 inch M&P
2 inch wide belt with custom stitching and shark skin trim
The “gunfighter” stitch
Shark Skin Trim!
A bit more shark!
Speed-Loader Pouches with shark trim!
Custom Tooled belt keepers
5 inch Smith and Wesson Revolver with thumb-break and shark trim
6 shell 12 gauge shell holder with shark trim

Thank You!

As I head into day three of my orientation for the new “9-5” I thought I’d give an update. The last three days have been a bit crazy with the training but today is the last day and then I settle into a regular schedule like a normal person! I wanted to thank my customers for the support over the last few months and their patience while I rearranged some things so I can devote more time to this business.

I also need to thank two very special people who have been extra supportive in this without them I think I really would have spent the rest of my work life just driving all over the country and I would have never known for sure if I can make this a success. They mean more to me than they will ever know!



Adventure Tiger-Chest Holster in Black Elephant

My chest holster is designed to be worn across the chest and works well in hunting and hiking applications. These are built with a fully adjustable harness that has brass grommets in all the holes for a lifetime of durability. I use all steel hardware for the buckles and D rings. The holster itself has a standard thumb break to allow one hand drawing and the come with either a spare magazine holder or cartridge loops standard.

These can be built from numerous exotic hides, in my standard leather colors, and with unending hand stamping and carving options. Let me know your ideas and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

The below example was built with full coverage black elephant for a Smith and Wesson Backpacker Companion in 460!

Adventure tiger chest holster black elephant for a Smith and Wesson Backpack Companion 460
Black elephant chest holster smith and Wesson 460
grommeted harness and back piece smith and Wesson 460 chest holster
5 shell spare ammo carrier adventure tiger chest holster smith and Wesson 460

A Stamped Trucker Girl Rifle Sling!

I seem to be on a rifle sling kick this week! This is one I did for the store and it is ready to ship. It features my favorite stamp the “Trucker Girl” It has a two tone dye job in green and black with green stitching. As with all my slings all the holes have brass grommets installed to prevent wear. It’s approximately 42 inches long and does have the thumb hole. $125 shipped and its in the shop now!

Enjoy the pictures:

Jade and Black Tiger Sling rifle sling

Trucker Girl basketweave stamping
Thumbhole enhancement for easier carry

A Black Elephant Rifle Sling!

This Tiger sling is in full coverage genuine black elephant. It does have a thumb hole to allow stabilization as you carry the rifle on your shoulder. I stitched this one with blue thread and the back has a non slip black leather liner. All of the adjustment holes have grommets installed to prevent them from treating out over time. I do recommend 1.5 inch sling swivels for these.

This sling is available in our online store and ready for immediate shipping. $250

Genuine Black Elephant rifle sling
Thumbhole with blue stitching
Detail of the grain
Thumbhole in use

Thumbhole in use