The Howdah Tiger!-Our High Ride Model

A Howdah is a carriage used on the top of an elephant to carry people. Traditionally they were used to carry Royalty. They have also been used to carry Hunters as the higher vantage point allows a better vantage point and makes spotting game easier.

Our Howdah Tiger High Ride is designed to hold the gun very high on the belt. This has quickly become my favorite Pancake Style belt model. This one MUST be carried on a good gun-belt, and it will only be built for a select few guns. All of our exotic and laser engraving options will be available for this model.

Howdah Tiger in brown with Texas engraving-1911 holster
Howdah Tiger for a Commander-Black with Blue Stitching and custom Laser engraving
Saddle Tan with custom engraving and blue stitching-1911 Holster
Howdah Tiger for a 5 inch 1911 with matching mag pouch and cuff carrier black with blue thread