Desert Eagle Shoulder Holster!

One of our hanging tiger shoulder holsters for the massive Desert Eagle 44 mag! This particular specimen was hand carved in our Paisley pattern. The rig carries the gun at a 45 degree angle and features our standard double mag offside pouch. The fully adjustable harness is 3 inches wide at the section that goes over the shoulders and features all steel hardware.

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Desert Eagle shoulder holster. All leather and hand carved

Green Elephant and Black Shark-1911 Shoulder Holster

This is our ever popular Hanging Tiger Shoulder Holster for a 5 inch no rail 1911 in Hand dyed green elephant and black shark. The rig is designed to hang horizontally and the holster is built smooth side in to help prevent finish wear. The offside dual mag pouch also hangs horizontally and accommodates two mags with extended base pads. The fully adjustable harness fits all body types and features all steel hardware!

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1911 shoulder holster. Green Elephant and Black Shark

Blue Giraffe!-1911 Holster

It’s been a while since I have been able to get any blue giraffe from my suppliers. Recently they had some in stock and we ordered a bit to build some rigs with! It will arrive this week and we are pretty excited! Here is an example of what could be done with it!.

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1911 Holster, Blue Giraffe and black shark!

Beretta 92 Shoulder Holster

This is our Hanging Tiger Horizontal shoulder holster for the Beretta 92 series. This one was done in brown shark and black ostrich leg. The holster is a horizontal carry and built smooth side in to help protect the guns finish. The standard double mag pouch is also designed to hang horizontally, The fully adjustable harness fits all body types and is built with all steel hardware. This is our signature rig and we offer numerous options. Contact us today for more details!

Beretta 92fs shoulder holster. Brown Shark and Black Ostrich

Christmas Orders-Leather Holsters

Numerous people have asked about our Christmas delivery schedule so here is what we have come up with. Orders placed before November 25th with a 50 percent deposit will be delivered in time for Christmas Day! Obviously the sooner the order is placed the more cushion we will have and the more time we can take on your perfect design! Message us today to start your order!

Black Elephant For a Glock 21-Glock Shoulder Holster

Our Hanging Tiger shoulder holster in full coverage Genuine Black Elephant. As usual with our exotic skin rigs the holster is built smooth side in to help protect the guns finish. The offside mag pouch holds two mags and the fully adjustable harness features all steel hardware. This one is sold but we do have enough from this piece to make one more rig. $360 Shipped.

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Glock 21 Shoulder Holster in full coverage black elephant

Black Elephant and Blue Caiman!-1911 Holster

This is one of our TigerCake style holsters for a 5 inch no rail 1911. This particular specimen features full coverage genuine South African black elephant with a blue caiman accent, and blue stitching.  It is right hand and carries the gun at a 20 degree muzzle to the rear angle. This one is ready to ship in our online store at $200 plus shipping.

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1911 Belt Holster.
Colt 1911

Some Brown Caiman and Brown Shark!-1911 Shoulder Holster

Here we have one of our Hanging Tiger horizontal shoulder holsters for a 5 inch no rail 1911. The holster on this one is built smooth side in to help protect the guns finish. this rig features full coverage brown shark with brown caiman accent. The harness is fully adjustable to fit all body types.

This one is available for immediate shipment in our web store at $350

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1911 Shoulder Holster