Shark for a Glock 43-Glock 43 Holster

This was another Christmas delivery. Our “TIger Cake” for the ever popular glock 43. For this set we used black shark and red stitching, and as with all my exotic builds the inside is lined with smooth leather. I have several colors of shark on hand as well as some elephant. Remember we have to many variations to list so if you have an idea for a custom holster please contact us today and we will do our best to make it a reality!

As always thanks for looking it is deeply appreciated!

Glock 43 holster black shark with red stitching

The Green Skull!-Smith and Wesson Shield Holster

I had an interesting request for a zombie green skull design. We made two of these for him one for his Smith and Wesson Shield 45 and one for a 1911 which I’ll post later. This one is our Tiger Cake model with a matching offside mag pouch. We not only did the skull in green but used our zombie green thread to finish them off!

As always thanks for looking and if this design gives you an idea for your own personalized holster please contact us today so we can get started!

Smith and Wesson Shield holster with green skull

A Little Pony!-1911 Holster

I haven’t had a request for a Colt theme holster in a bit so when this request came in I was excited! This is our “Tiger Cake” with matching off side mag pouch for a 5 inch Colt 1911 5 inch with no rail. This one is custom engraved with the pony and finished in brown with brown thread! As always numerous options are available! let us know what you would like to see and we can get your design started!

As always thanks for looking!

Tiger Cake with pony for a colt 1911 Brown with brown thread

A Black and Blue Texan!-1911 Holster

Our Texas theme holsters have been very popular lately and here is yet another example. This is out Tiger Cake with a thumb break for a 5 inch no rail 1911. For this one we added our Texas Flag engraving and completed the set with blue stitching. We can add about any design to this or any of our other holsters. Please feel free to message us for details!

As always thanks for looking!

Texas Theme 1911 Thumb Break Holster

A Tiger Cake With a Twist-Colt Cobra Holster

When the Colt Cobra was re-introduced I was immediately taken with it! I have a passion for the Snubby Revolver and this model just plain works for me. I needed to start making holsters for this little rocket and the first up is our Tiger Cake model. This one features a pull-thru snap for security and ease of draw. This also has our custom laser engraving on both the holster and the matching speed loader pouch. We finished this set in my favorite blue thread! If you need a rig for your snubby message us and we can start designing one just for you!

Colt Cobra Holster with pull thru snap and matching speed loader pouch

Some Color for a Walther P5-Walther P5 Holster

One of our Tiger Cakes for a Walther P-5 This one features some special engraving and red color fill along with red stitching. All of our Tiger Cakes have both a front reinforcement panel along with a heavy reinforcement on the sweatshield to keep it from bending in when the gun is withdrawn. As always we specialize in custom one off work so if you have an idea other than the Eagle shoot us a message and we can start designing yours today!

Thanks For Looking!

Walther P5 Tigercake with custom engraving and red color fill. Finished with red stitching.

One for a Sheriff’s Deputy-1911 Thumb Break Holster

Here is one of our Tiger Cake Models with the thumb break. This one was for a 5 inch 1911 no rail and the reinforcement panel was engraved with his badge design. As a final touch we finished this one in blue thread. We can do this for about ant department or custom laser design. Contact us today for more details.

1911 thumb break holster 5 inch no rail custom engraving and blue stitching

We Are Back! 1911 Holster

Hello for 2020! After a few set backs in 2019 we are back for 2020 and to start things off right here is a set for a 5 inch no rail 1911 in full coverage shark. This one has our Tiger Cake holster with two mag pouches and matching full coverage belt.

For the time being we will only be taking one order at a time and posting stock items as we go. Thanks for all the support!

Blue Giraffe!-1911 Holster

It’s been a while since I have been able to get any blue giraffe from my suppliers. Recently they had some in stock and we ordered a bit to build some rigs with! It will arrive this week and we are pretty excited! Here is an example of what could be done with it!.

Thanks For looking!

1911 Holster, Blue Giraffe and black shark!