A Gunbelt with a Twist-Leather Gun Belt

This is an example of our standard double layer gun belt with polymer reinforcement. This one is in brown with our new “Gunfighter” stitch pattern!

We can do this in multiple leather and stitch colors contact us today to start yours!

Thanks for looking!

Brown dual layer gun belt polymer stiffener and “gunfighter” stitching

A Blue line Tiger Belt-Leather Gun-belt

A good gunboat is the foundation of your comfort! That point can not be stressed enough. If your going to carry a serious load on a daily basis I firmly believe you need a purpose built gun-belt. Our Tiger Belts are dual layer and reinforced with a polymer insert. Routinely I carry a full size all steel 1911, 2 magazines and some days a pair of cuffs in complete comfort! The one pictured is done in black with blue stitching. We don’t dye the inside of the belts which prevents any bleed off onto your pants. Contact us today to see about starting your custom!

Our Dual layer polymer reinforced Tiger Belt in black with blue stitching!