A Summer Tiger with a Twist!- 1911 IWB Holster

I built this one a while back at a customer request. It’s our Summer Tiger model with a twist. The customer wanted a pull thru snap thumb break much like the old Alessi holster style. This style give extra security to the gun and allows for a simpler draw stroke than the traditional thumb break. This one was also done in rough out construction to help keep it secure inside the waist. Stay tuned as we may be adding this to our shoulder rigs as well.

Thanks For Looking!

Our Summer Tiger for a 5 Inch 1911!-Inside the Waist Holster for a 1911

Here we have our version of the Summer Special originally designed by Bruce Nelson and possibly one of the most copied holsters design in the history of Cows!

This one was built rough side out and fits a 5 inch no rail 1911. Right hand and carries the gun at a 20 degree muzzle to the rear angle. This particular one also uses blue stitching!

We have one in stock in the store at $85.00 plus shipping. Thanks For Looking!

1911 Inside the Waist Band Holster