Some Brown Caiman and Brown Shark!-1911 Shoulder Holster

Here we have one of our Hanging Tiger horizontal shoulder holsters for a 5 inch no rail 1911. The holster on this one is built smooth side in to help protect the guns finish. this rig features full coverage brown shark with brown caiman accent. The harness is fully adjustable to fit all body types.

This one is available for immediate shipment in our web store at $350

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1911 Shoulder Holster

Our Distressed Flag Design!-1911 Shoulder Holster

Here we have our hanging tiger shoulder rig in a distressed flag design, complete with custom embroidered shoulder straps. This was a customers idea that we ran with. If you have an idea for a design send us a message today and we can get started!

Thanks For Looking!

1911 shoulder holster, With custom flag laser engraving

3 Inch 1911 Shoulder Holster-Colt Defender Shoulder Holster

Here we have one of our Hanging Tiger Shoulder Holsters for a 3 inch 1911. This particular variant was built for a Colt Defender with our Blue Elephant and Black Shark exotic leather overlays. The holster is built smooth side in to help protect the guns finish and the mag pouch was done to accommodate full size 8 round mags, but will also work with the standard compact mags. The shoulder harness itself features all steel hardware and the straps were embroidered with the customers design of an American Flag and his last name. We can custom embroider almost anything you can think of however!

Thanks for looking and we look forward to building a custom rig for you!

3 inch 1911 shoulder holster, fits colt defender, Kimber Ultra carry, Springfield EMP, Champion etc.

1911 Shoulder Holster in Black Stingray-1911 Shoulder Holster

As promised this is the next one to be added to the store. It fits a 5 inch 1911 with NO Rail   and is available to ship now! This was built with a smooth inside to protect the guns finish and features full coverage black stingray including the dual mag pouch. The fully adjustable harness features all steel hardware. This one is right hand. Thanks For Looking!

Note you will be buying the black rig the photos of our shop assistant are just to give you an idea how the rig is worn

$350 plus shipping



1911 shoulder holster. Full coverage black stingray. Fully adjustable harness with all steel hardware

Blue Stingray Shoulder Holster-1911 Shoulder Holster

Here we have one of our hanging tiger shoulder rigs for a 5 inch no rail 1911 with a matching dual mag pouch. the complete rig is covered in Blue Stingray with the holster being smooth leather lined. This rig is available and ready to ship! $350 plus shipping and in the store now! Note: you will be receiving the blue rig the photos of Cowboy Kirk our shop assistant are just to show how the rig is worn.

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