FBI Miami Firefight-A Book Report


I have a confession to make, I am a BIG reader. That said I know some of you could care less about what books some lowly holster maker reads in his spare time, but for those that want to study the whole self defense/gunfight science I will from time to time be sharing reviews of both books and equipment I use.

I tend to approach the gunfight science issue from a Law Enforcement perspective since I am my departments firearms instructor and as such I feel I owe it to the guys I train and am responsible for to be as well versed as I possibly can be. The FBI shootout in Miami is probably one of the two most talked about firefights in Law Enforcement the other being the Newhall incident in California.

In my opinion Newhall changed tactics and Miami was directly responsible for the vast improvements we have seen in Law Enforcement and Self Defense ammunition. Written by one of the actual FBI agents involved this book gives a perspective that I haven’t seen before and I’ve studied the shooting fairly extensively.

Ed Mireles was the man who finished the fight shooting both a shotgun and his service revolver one handed after being hit in one arm with a .223 round. His account in this book is a recap of the tactics used that day along with his mindset both before and after the shooting. I especially like that he goes into how the death of his two friends and fellow Agents affected him for years after, and how he turned that into a positive by helping others.

The book is definitely time and money well spent. You can order it at the link below:

FBI Miami Firefight