Shark for a Marine!-Sig Sauer P220 Holster

Our ever popular Game Warden holster. This one is for a Sig Sauer P220. Full Coverage Brown Shark and The Eagle Globe and Anchor to commentate the customers time as a U.S. Marine!
We always look forward to the custom orders!

Game Warden in brown shark with custom laser engraving for a Sig P220

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One for A Retired Police Officer-1911 Leather Holster

This is the first in a two holster set for a local retired Police officer. This is our high riding Howdah Tiger in Saddle Tan with custom laser engraving and blue stitching. This set includes a spare magazine pouch also with the department patch laser engraved. This one will carry a commander length 1911. As always we have numerous options for the artwork on our rigs, contact us today with your unique idea!

Commander length howdah Tiger with a Police Department Patch laser engraved. Finished with blue stitching!-1911 Holster

A Basic Game Warden for a P365-Sig P365 Holster

Once in a while we get requests for just the basics. This is one such example. The customer just wanted plain black with red stitching for his Sig P365 so we gladly obliged! From simple to wild we do our best to accommodate!

Contact us today to start your custom order!

Game Warden in black with red stitching for a Sig Sauer P365

The Howdah Tiger-Our New High Ride Model

This is our version of the high riding pancake style holster. This model rides very high on the belt allowing a bit better conceivability than a traditional pancake. Fair Warning-This model is only going to be built for a few specific guns and must be carried on a sturdy purpose built gun-belt or it will tip away from the body.

This set is the prototype built for me and laser engraved with my department patch. It’s black with blue stitching and features our new snap off Tiger Cuff Cuff Case.

As always numerous options are going to be available with laser engraving, exotics etc. Contact us today to start your personalized set!

1911 Holster-Our Howdah Tiger with matching cuff case and spare mag pouch

A Blue line Tiger Belt-Leather Gun-belt

A good gunboat is the foundation of your comfort! That point can not be stressed enough. If your going to carry a serious load on a daily basis I firmly believe you need a purpose built gun-belt. Our Tiger Belts are dual layer and reinforced with a polymer insert. Routinely I carry a full size all steel 1911, 2 magazines and some days a pair of cuffs in complete comfort! The one pictured is done in black with blue stitching. We don’t dye the inside of the belts which prevents any bleed off onto your pants. Contact us today to see about starting your custom!

Our Dual layer polymer reinforced Tiger Belt in black with blue stitching!

A Tiger Cake With a Twist-Colt Cobra Holster

When the Colt Cobra was re-introduced I was immediately taken with it! I have a passion for the Snubby Revolver and this model just plain works for me. I needed to start making holsters for this little rocket and the first up is our Tiger Cake model. This one features a pull-thru snap for security and ease of draw. This also has our custom laser engraving on both the holster and the matching speed loader pouch. We finished this set in my favorite blue thread! If you need a rig for your snubby message us and we can start designing one just for you!

Colt Cobra Holster with pull thru snap and matching speed loader pouch