Roll Tide!- Gray Shark and Burgundy Elephant 1911 Shoulder Holster

This was a special order for a friend from the South. He wanted to support his team and his 2nd amendment rights at the same time so we came up with the idea of an exotic skin rig with some color filled laser engraving. The shoulder straps were also custom embroidered. This rig was built for a 5 inch no rail 1911 and carries the gun horizontally or at a slight diagonal. The holster is smooth leather lined to protect the guns finish and speed the draw. The standard offside mag pouch is designed to balance the rig and fit two mags with even extended base pads. The harness on our shoulder holsters is designed to fit just about any body style and features all steel hardware.

Thanks For looking and feel free to message us to start your own special design today!

Gray Shark with  Burgandy Elephant Trim. Custom Laser engraving and color fill at customers request. Shoulder straps feature custom embroidery. 1911 Shoulder Holster