Hand Carved and Dyed 1911 Leather Holster-1911 Holster

This is our White Tiger Pancake style holster with a hand carved and dyed front trim panel. This also has a sweat shield to help prevent the gun from rubbing on the body. It fits a right hand shooter and fits a 1.5 inch belt up to 1/4 inch thick. The holster body is black and has brown stitching. You will receive the black and tan holster the in use pics are just shown to give you an idea how it wears on the body. It is available for immediate shipment in our ready to ship section!

We also accept custom orders with an 8 week turn around if this design is not exactly what you have in mind. Send us a message to start your custom design today!

Thanks For Looking!

Some Ones for the Online Store! Smith and Wesson Shield & Glock 19 Holsters

For your Friday viewing enjoyment we have some recent work for the Clock 19 and Smith and Wesson Shield. All of these will be available in the online store for immediate shipment. They are all right hand and fit a 1.5 inch belt. They all have a sweat shield and carry the gun at a 20 degree muzzle to the rear angle as shown by our shop mascot Cowboy Kirk. We are still accepting custom orders so if this isn’t exactly what you are looking for give us a shout and we can design a rig just for you!

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Whatever Wednesday- Walther PPK Screen Saver

Things are slowly getting back to normal here at the shop so I thought I’d start up the whatever Wednesday posts again. Today we will just be posting a simple screen saver image of a Walther PPK. Moving forward we will be doing equipment reviews and just articles on topics that interest me including book reports! Enjoy the image and feel free to use it as you see fit!


1911 Pancake Holster and Matching Single Mag Pouch

This is our White Tiger Pancake Model with matching snap off single mag pouch. This one has blue stitching is for a right hand shooter, and fits a 1.5 inch belt. The gun is carried at a 20 degree muzzle to the rear angle. This one also has the leather trim panel on the front also in matching black. With this post we also want to introduce our new shop model Cowboy Kirk. He will be modeling our rigs so you can see how they carry! As always thanks for looking. This model as well as other is available for immediate shipment in our online store!

Some Smith and Wesson Shield Holsters!-Smith and Wesson Shield

Well since the new shop is 99.9 percent complete I thought I’d show some of the things we have done over the last couple of months and with the recent rebates Smith and Wesson put on the Shield why not start with that! The black holster with blue thread is in full coverage shark and the other is a more standard version with the addition of red thread. The shark rigs are $180 shipped and the plain rigs are 85.00 shipped with the one pictured being ready to ship!

Thanks For looking!

Smith and Wesson Shield in Black Shark

Smith and Wesson Shield with red thread

My Grail Gun-A Dream Achieved!

My Grail Gun

Time has a way of making  us forget small details. I can’t remember the year or the exact issue of American Handgunner that I first saw the Wilson Combat Tactical Elite, but I do know that article left an impression on me. I was just fascinated with the coned barrel and the quest to obtain it was started!

I do remember that it was in 2011 the 100th anniversary of the 1911 design, that I accomplished my goal! By this time I was deeply involved in the 10MM as I wanted a gun that could be used for different pursuits, such as hunting, concealed carry, and competition.

The gun was originally a pretty standard configuration. Five inch barrel, ambi safety, round slide, and the older style two piece mag well. I also ordered the U notch rear sight and good bead front.

The Day I Picked Her up:

From day one the gun has run without any issues and was everything I could have wished for. I did notice that the gold bead front would flare in bright sun more than I liked so a Dawson Precision Fiber Optic front was ordered, once installed, life was perfect!
I carried the gun on duty as a corrections officer for a while and successfully used it on a hog hunt with my oldest son.

285LB Wild Boar 200GR. XTP 1150FPS.

When I started the holster business I decided I wanted to make my baby a little bit fancier. I started looking for someone to do some engraving and also flat top and serrate the slide. My search led me to Todd McKechnie at Customized Creationz

Todd specializes in laser engraving. Since this was still going to be a carry gun and a hunting piece I did not want to spend the money for hand engraving. Todd cut the scroll work a bit deeper than is normally seen from gun manufacturer laser engraving so when it comes time for a refinish we can just blast the old finish off with no harm to the engraving. As an added touch he engraved my business logo on both sides of the slide and my initials on the barrel hood. The final touch was the flat topped and serrated slide. We finished the gun with a special mix of K.G. Gunkote in all black, also for an easy refinish when the time comes.

While the gun was being engraved I developed an obsession for grips to use in advertising photos. I made friends with a grip maker by the name of Jason Spurgeon at Spurgeons Custom Pistol Grips:

Jason has mastered the art of laser engraving grips. We designed a beautiful set of ivory, again with my business logo as a compliment to the engraving.

I really could not be happier with the way this project turned out and know I will enjoy it for years to come!
Enjoy the pictures!

Whatever Wednesday! A New Year and a New Feature!

The new year is bringing a new feature to the site. I’m going to call it Whatever Wednesday and it will be my writings on various subjects related to the fun aspect of handguns and sometimes for a change of pace I’ll post some of my photography work!

Thanks In advance for taking the time to indulge me!

The Handgun That Started It All!

I am asked every once in a while about how did I get into guns and holster making? Well this is the story and the gun that started me on a life long fascination with handguns.

I was in the sixth grade and always had a problem talking in class. The teachers used to write our name on the chalk board when they felt we had been talking in class to much and as you can guess, mine was up on the board quite a bit!

Fast forward to the end of the year. There was a final field trip coming up to someplace I don’t remember all these years later. In order to go I would have to keep my name off the board for the entire week. I didn’t make it of course and would be staying home for the entire week. Since my parents had to work, I would be staying with my Grandparents at their farm. Little did I know at the time but my Grandpa had a surprise for me that would change my life!

I was pretty disappointed in the loss of the trip and was playing with my old Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, when Grandpa pulled out a maroon box and said, “Let’s see how you shoot this!“ I had seen the box before and knew what was in it but had not shot it yet. Inside was a High Standard Derringer in 22 magnum that my Grandpa had purchased for self defense and kept in his bedroom. My Grandparents were children of the depression and did not spend money very often, so I knew this had to be special for him.

I don’t know exactly why, but the standard target at the farm had always been the gallon milk jug. One was produced and I filled it with water and off to the pasture we went,Grandpa carrying the box and me the jug. If you can remember the first time you shot a real gun and the excitement, I don’t have to tell you how excited this pre-teen was!

Before we get on with the shooting, a little history on the gun in question may be in order. The High Standard Derringer was produced from 1967 to 1984 as an over and under design containing two rounds. It came in both 22 rimfire and 22 magnum rimfire. The barrel length on all models was 3.50 inches and was available in both blued and nickel finish. There is no external safety on these little pocket rockets as the trigger pull is comparable to a staple gun!

My Grandpa’s gun was the blued model with the white ivory color plastic grips and chambered in 22 magnum. I still remember sliding the top of the gold ammo box back and carefully chambering the two miniature rounds and closing the gun. I’m sure I was shaking with excitement when I began to squeeze the heavy trigger from a distance of a few feet from the water filled jug.

I managed to hit the jug with my first ever shot from a “real gun” and from that moment on I have been in love with handguns! I do not know how many have passed through my hands in the ensuing years but it has been more than a few! I’ve competed with them, hunted with them, carried them not only as a cop but also as a citizen with a concealed handgun permit. I’ve instructed numerous people in the safe use of them in both civilian and Law Enforcement capacities, and now I earn a decent living making holsters for them.

I don’t think my Grandfather had any idea what he started that day when he took a 12 year old out to shoot his first “real” gun. I still own the gun that started all this and every time I touch it I remember that summer day and more importantly, the man that started me on this journey!

A Zombie Themed Holster-1911 Holster

This is our dual snap mode with a sweat shield and dine in zombie green stitching. This one features removeable straps for easy replacement if needed and one way snaps for security. We can do this model for numerous guns and in several color and exotic skin combinations! Contact us today to start yours!

As always thanks for looking!

Zombie green dual snap for a 5 inch 1911