A Little Pony!-1911 Holster

I haven’t had a request for a Colt theme holster in a bit so when this request came in I was excited! This is our “Tiger Cake” with matching off side mag pouch for a 5 inch Colt 1911 5 inch with no rail. This one is custom engraved with the pony and finished in brown with brown thread! As always numerous options are available! let us know what you would like to see and we can get your design started!

As always thanks for looking!

Tiger Cake with pony for a colt 1911 Brown with brown thread

A Black and Blue Texan!-1911 Holster

Our Texas theme holsters have been very popular lately and here is yet another example. This is out Tiger Cake with a thumb break for a 5 inch no rail 1911. For this one we added our Texas Flag engraving and completed the set with blue stitching. We can add about any design to this or any of our other holsters. Please feel free to message us for details!

As always thanks for looking!

Texas Theme 1911 Thumb Break Holster

A Gunbelt with a Twist-Leather Gun Belt

This is an example of our standard double layer gun belt with polymer reinforcement. This one is in brown with our new “Gunfighter” stitch pattern!

We can do this in multiple leather and stitch colors contact us today to start yours!

Thanks for looking!

Brown dual layer gun belt polymer stiffener and “gunfighter” stitching

Caiman for a 1911!-1911 Holster

Here we have one of our Avenging Tigers for a 3 inch 1911 with a matching single mag pouch. This set was ordered in full coverage Caiman Skin with black Stitching. As always we have numerous options for this model such as various exotic skins and laser engraving options!

Thanks for looking!

3 Inch 1911 Avenging Tiger in Black Caiman with matching mag pouch

Full Shark for a 1911-1911 Shoulder Holster

Now that Christmas is over and I can start posting all the gifts I made it’s time to get 2021 started! First off is one we have available for immediate shipping. It’s our Hanging Tiger shoulder rig in full coverage genuine brown shark! It is right hand and fits a 5 inch no rail 1911. All the hardware is steel and the holster and mag pouch are built with a smooth inner liner. We can build for over 200 guns so if this isn’t your style send us a message to start a build today!

1911 Shoulder Holster in full coverage brown shark!

A Texas Howdah Tiger!-1911 Holster

For todays featured holster we have our high riding Howrah Tiger for a 5 inch 1911 with threee matching mag pouches. All 4 pieces are lined at the customers request and feature our Texas theme laser engraving! Feedback on this new model had been extremely positive and I expect it will enjoy continued popularity!

As Always, Thanks for the support!

Howdah Tiger in brown with Texas Engraving! 1911 holster

Tiger Wallets!- Leather Wallet

A while back a customer asked me to make a simple wallet to match his shoulder holster. I decided I’d add these to shop as a regular item. The first model will be our Tiger Clip Front Pocket Wallet. This is a very simple double card slot model with a money clip. It is designed to be carried in the front pocket.

We will be able to match these to your custom holster design and if demand warrants we may add more styles later.

Thanks For All The Support!

Black Elephant with Blue Interior and Blue Stitching Tiger Clip Wallet
Brown Shark Tiger Clip Wallet
The Texan Tiger Clip Wallet in Brown

Texas!-1911 Shoulder Holster

I don’t remember the first Texas themed Hanging Tiger Shoulder holster we did but I know it’s been one of the more popular designs for us. This one is in brown with our standard Texas engraving and the State of Texas Flag embroidered on the straps. At the customers request we did line this one with genuine goat skin on both the holster and the mag pouch. As with all of our shoulder holsters we use only all metal hardware and have started adding grommets to all of the adjustment holes to help prevent tear out.

If your interested in a rig like this please message us and of course we also will be more thatn happy to work with you on a custom design all of your own.

Thanks for all the support!

The Texan 1911

A Spartan and Shark Combo-1911 Shoulder Holster

A while back when cleaning the shop I found this one I started a few months back and now have it finished just in time for the Holidays!. This is our Hanging Tiger Shoulder holster in brown shark with custom laser engraving and embroidery on the straps.

The Holster, mag pouch and back piece are all genuine shark. The straps carry the Spartan design thru the rig with matching embroidery. This rig is ready to ship in our store and fits a no rail 5 inch 1911.

Thanks For Looking!

Genuine shark and custom laser engraving. 1911 Shoulder Holster

A Seventrees Tiger in Shark!-1911 Holster

When it comes to belt holsters I happen to be a big fan of the smaller more compact single loop designs such as this one that pays homage to Paris Theodore! This version is covered in genuine brown shark and will include the mag pouch. The holster carries the gun at a 20 degree angle and features a smooth interior. This set fits a 5 inch no rail 1911 and is ready to ship at $250.

Thanks for looking!

1911 holster Full size 1911 full coverage shark with matching mag pouch